Hello my name is Chilicia Linzy, but everybody call me Linzy and I’ve been monetizing my laptop towards financial freedom for a little over 2 in a half years now.

No I’m no Internet Marketer Guru, but I do know all to well how it feels to be in this industry with no help and how every time you seem to ask for help if you’re not on that persons team they want to charge you an arm and a leg for they training (no shade to those of you who are charging for training). However, come on for someone whose a newbie who is looking for a little guidance that can be discouraging and make you not want to move forward.

Yes now with it being 2 in a half years later I do now know and understand that you have to put in both a lot of time and a little bit of money to be the boss, but I feel there should be somewhere a newbie can come for some guidance and inspiration and so I created “New2iMarketing“.

New 2 Internet Marketing is a site dedicated to helping those who sponsors either went missing in action (M.I.A) as soon as their payment was deposited into they account or to those who just signed up without first connecting with that sponsor and was left out in this virtual cold world cause that person didn’t care to reach out to them. Here you will learn about Internet Marketing and I will be offering some tools and service that is helping me along my journey to becoming financial free.

My goal with this site is to help those who need it and to connect with like minded people so that we together can work towards becoming Financial Free!!!

All information here is FREE and I am currently working on videos to help jump start your business (also FREE).

I hope this site be informative to all newbies out there who are having a hard time or don’t know where to start “Trust it gets easier” and even to those who are like me (a Intermediate Marketer) and is still learning the industry (you can never stop learning). I hope all who visits my site enjoy it and please leave a comment where ever you see fit. This site is catered to helping one another so if you see something out of context or if I misconstrued something please reach out to me Wealthy Affiliate¬†or leave a comment below.

Thanks to all who read and I hope everyone have a prosperous day.