Common Mistakes in SEO

Common Mistakes in SEO

If you, are unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it can be a complicated process. A mass majority of SEO beginners, and even some professionals tend to make the same mistakes when using SEO, making it harder for them to get the results they desire for their site’s page ranking.

Lucky for you, if you determine what mistake they made and avoid them, then you have a better chance of not making the same mistakes they made, even if you are new to SEO.

If you, are already familiar with the SEO process, then learning these mistakes won’t hurt your chances either, but instead, will help improve them.

Wrong or Irrelevant Keywords

A mass majority of people try to use popular or common keywords in order to get people to their sites, regardless if the keywords have any relevance to their site. Using this type of method may generate some traffic, but since you are not offering any relevant content based on your keyword, people visiting your site will leave. Although you are generating traffic you are not generating traffic that is interested in your site or its content, so in the end you end up with nothing.

You should avoid doing this method and focus on using genuine relevant keywords, so that you can generate traffic of potential clients to your site, and useless web traffic.

Overuse of Keywords

Over-using keywords, or using them repeatedly in the title, tags, and body, is another mistake people do when trying to optimize their site. They believe that by overloading their site’s content with their chosen keywords, they can manipulate the search engine and improve their site’s page ranking in the process.

Sadly, this is not the case. Search Engines are smart so they will be able to detect if you are abusing the over-use of keywords, or worse “spamming”, and if you are caught you site will pay the ultimate price by getting your site banned from the search engine’s index.

Good or Relevant Content Missing

Believing that if you do not offer any good or relevant content on your site or that your site itself is good enough to both get and keep traffic that you produce, sadly will not work. Good and relevant content is what will get both people and potential clients to stay on your site.

Keep in mind that people are driven to your site by the keywords you chose, and it is your site’s content that they will be looking for, so make sure that whatever keywords you choose to use, that those keywords will direct them to relevant web content on your site. Taking the time to write good and relevant content is beneficial to ensure that your site do and continue to do well against other sites offering the same thing. Remember that the only way you can get your site to stand out against other sites is your site’s content.

Wrong HTML Codes = HTML Errors

People will visit your site less if your site has a lot of HTML errors, even if it has good and relevant content. Check and double-check your HTML codes to avoid any problems with your site, such as slow loading time, browser conflicts, and low page ranking, before submitting your site to search engine directories.

Too Much Graphics

Keep in mind that search engines detect text when indexing, analyzing, and checking sites, and are not programmed to look for graphics, so creating a graphic-rich site will serve no purpose in terms of SEO, it may in fact do more harm than help. Search engines are not programmed to look for graphics, so they may bypass your site, giving it a low page ranking.)

Lean to avoid these SEO mistakes, and you should be able to do a lot better than others.

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