Email Processing System (EPS) 2017 Review

Name: Email Processing System (EPS)


Price: $25 (Upsale $10)

Overall Rating: 47/100

I joined the Email Processing System (EPS) about 3yrs. ago (it was the second program I joined as I was venturing out into the Internet Marketing World). Looking back, I should’ve did a some research before getting taken in by the “Get paid $25 per email processed” ad I seen on Facebook or else I probably would’ve joined another company, but I won’t discredit EPS I did “process some emails” and I did make some money (so I wasn’t at a total loss), but as I started becoming knowledgeable within the Internet Marketing World I then started having conflicted feelings about EPS.

Like most sketchy “make money online programs” there will be both positive and negative comments from people whose either in the program making money or from those who weren’t as successful and didn’t make any money (probably because they had a scandalous sponsor who only seen them as just a sale and never reached back out to them after they made their sale), and then their maybe some people like me who are stuck in between the question of whether or not this system is a scam? With that lets dig in…

What is Email Processing System (EPS)

EPS kind of falls in the MLM category it is a digital product and you don’t go up in levels like in a pyramid. All you are doing is copying and pasting pre-written ads on Backpage, Classified Sites, Craigslist, and Social Media sites and is getting paid $25 per person who purchases the digital product and the process keeps getting repeated. If you are confused all you are doing is selling the same product you bought and earning $25 in the process…(literally). There is no real product, just an email you are sending out that is a welcome email where all you do is click on the link, download the software to your computer, after that you get your pre-written ads, some training, some information on where you can start placing ads, and that’s it.


Products and Training

As I stated above, you won’t be getting anything tangible, but a whole bunch of training and templates on how to promote the system on Craigslist, Classified Ad Sites, and social media sites.


There is a fee of $25 to get started, it pays for your back office which is the training.

Once the email has been process there are no refunds for two reasons:

  1. Because you will be giving the money directly to your up-line.
  2. Because there is no real product.

PayPal do have a strict policy for digital products, so if you really want to get your money back afterwards, all you have to do is put in a dispute and they will refund you your money. Just remember that once you file this dispute you can’t run any promotions or try and make any sales.

The Up-sell

The up-sell is made when you purchase a Web Site for $10.

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Pro’s and Con’s


  • Low start up
  • With the right sponsor you can make a lot of money
  • Its global
  • The training you receive via email is informative
  • Great way to get leads to build your list


  • No real product
  • There are too many newbies in EPS thus making it hard to find a good sponsor
  • Can’t find any real information on the owners who run the company
  • Too many complaints

The Recap

Name: Email Processing System


Price: $25

Overall Rating: 47/100

My Honest Opinion…

This program doesn’t offer much value. I mean it’s good for making money here and there, but to make it your main source of income “NEGATIVE.”  Not discrediting the people who does use this program and is successful with it, it’s just not a main source of income for me. I can say this, if you are looking to build your list this is definitely an awesome way to build it!

If you are a newbie and would like to learn how to build a solid work from home business or is in a program and need help with either building your brand or perfecting your online home business then you should definitely look into the program that I am in. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT COMPANY I AM IN!!!

Thanks for reading my review on the Email Processing System (EPS) please share your thoughts or experience and leave a comment below. Hope to see you on the other side in the company I’m in.

Good Luck!!!


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