How to Use Search Engine Optimization

How to Use Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a web site visible and search engine friendly. It is the most vital aspect of designing your web site. Commercial web sites are typically designed by individuals who know little about SEO,  they however do know about the “search engines only index text” rule. Meaning they know how to add links to their page that links to other resourceful pages that people are researching about in order to get their website optimize into the search engines.


When designing and optimizing your website, keep in mind that images do not get indexed nor does flash. Despite several exceptions search engines only index text and with some of the improvements made to search engines they are capable of indexing files like graphic file captions and PDFs, as well as some of text in a given Flash file.

There are several things you can do when designing or redesigning a web site to get ranked in search engines. You can optimize the home page as well as other pages for relevant and important keywords or key-phrases that can be optimize for the product or you can offer various products on various pages and every page can be optimized to that product. To get the best results you should use SEO on several pages; however do not optimize pages you don’t have public content and avoid “private privacy” and “contact us” pages.

Choose the Right Domain Name

Keep in mind that your domain name does not change your search results ranking, it does however help you become more visible to other web sites and target users. When choosing a domain name try to use the same words or terms that best defines your topic. If you are having trouble coming up with a domain name try visiting other existing sites to gain inspiration from what others are doing.

Web Hosting Company

Invest in a good web company; although free web site hosting can provide you with some visibility expect not to be at the top of the list. You should have your own static IP address which means that the numeric IP address should be stable and should not differ each time someone types your URL in the search engine. Search engines prefer static IP addresses for several reasons.

Final Tips

Aside from using main keywords your target market may use, you should incorporate secondary keywords to optimize your web site. Keyword stemming is another useful approach, this is when you use words that has the same stem or come from the same root almost like using synonyms which can be good for your site. Try optimizing  synonyms of the target keywords together with main keywords.

Links are highly important if you want to rank high. Try to use as many backlinks as you can. Look for links from other related and similar sites. Look for the origin of inbound links as well.

Also if you want to rank high utilize links and backlinks. You can find links from other related sites similar to yours, but is best to try to interlink your backlinks with links from your own assisting site. Google like this it shows them that your site is resourceful, thus making your site go up in ranks.

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