IBOtoolbox 2017 Review

 2017 Review!!!


Name: IBOToolbox
Website: www.IBOToolbox.com
Price: FREE!!!
Overall Rank: 91 out of 100

What is IBOToolbox

IBOTOOLBOX stands for Independent Business Owners Toolbox. IBOtoolbox is a free social network for independent business owners consisting of Internet Marketers, Multi-Level Marketers, Direct Sales people, Affiliate Marketers, and Business Owners. This platform has every marketing tool imaginable at the click of your mouse from social media marketing to press releases that get ranked in Google so that you can drive traffic to your website or any social media outlets.

You also accumulate credits for advertisement, when you both comment on and/or write press releases, refer members, and attend their weekly webinar training you obtain credits. Once you have enough credits you can redeem them so that you can advertise your business for FREE or you can buy credits (if you’re freaking out DON’T all you need is 100 credits to advertise and it doesn’t take long to accumulate because you get 200 credits just for signing up and completing your profile and they give away a 100 credits a day and if you’re lucky enough and is on the platform at the right time they give another 100 credits away on the dashboard).

This platform was design with Internet Marketers in mind to help jump start your online business.

The Good:

  • FREE!!! To Join
  • Active Business Social Network
  • Free SEO Tools
  • Over 300,000 Visitors Each Day
  • IBO Ad Network Has Over 1.5 Million Ad Views Each Day
  • Viral Video Training
  • Make Money (50% Commissions)
  • Free Press Releases and PR Promotional Tool
  • Interactive Communication Wall
  • Search Out and Network with Other Business Owners
  • Personalized Profile and Lead Generation Site
  • Everyone has access to the same material – no limitations are placed upon you
  • Friendly helpful members who have the same goals as you
  • Authority site giving all content posted high ranking in Google
  • Ability to earn “credits” as opposed to paying money for services and traffic
  • Compose up to two daily authentic press releases (not “real” press releases, but IBOToolBox press releases, which aid in your campaigns)
  • A “SafeHaven” for online business owners and marketers.

The Bad:

As I write I this I can honestly say out of 2 yrs. there is nothing I can complain about. The one issue I did have they solved which was: getting paid referral commissions.

IBOToolbox Tools & Training

Kris Karafotas is the IBOtoolbox Trainer and she host weekly webinars every week so that people who are new to the platform know how to maneuver within it. She also has a site (marketwithKris.com) where she has a vault of tutorials and training on how to maneuver through the platform. You can also send her a instant message and she will respond back within a timely manner if you have any questions or concerns.

Also if you are having any other problems and need to get in contact with support IBO HelpDesk is right there to assist you and they too get back with you within a timely manner.

IBOToolbox Support

There is support available for IBOtoolbox.  You can go to IBO HelpDesk  and get assistance.

IBOToolbox Price

IBOToolbox is 100% FREE!!!

Check out this review if you are looking for a legit way earn money from the privacy of your own home…It too is also 100% FREE!!! to join.

My Final Opinion of IBOToolbox

IBOtoolbox delivers on everything they claim they deliver and they are constantly developing more tools and resources to help members grow their businesses. It is a safe-haven environment allowing Internet Marketers to build up their business relationship with both visitors and members getting them to know, like, and trust you. Platforms like this  that offers a legitimate place to build and promote your online business without having to worry about being scammed are few and far between on the Internet.

IBOToolbox at a Glance…

Name: IBOToolbox
Website: www.IBOToolbox.com
Price: FREE!!!
Overall Rank: 91 out of 100



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