The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction basically says “we can get what we think about and that our circumstance are not determined by the cards dealt to us, but are in fact shaped by our own conscious and unconscious thoughts”.

To make the Law of Attraction work for you, you have to know what you want and ask for it and then start making plans for it after you receive it.

The hardest part for most people is being open to receiving what they asked for. They start doubting whether they really deserve it and this starts preventing anything good from happening. Remember if you think you don’t deserve good things, then they will not come to you.

Another issue some people have is thinking about the things they don’t want to happen to them. The universe doesn’t understand the concept of “I Don’t Want”. When you spend your time dwelling on negative things, then that’s what you will get.

The Law of Attraction isn’t going to solve all of your problems overnight, but if you start practicing it on a conscious level then it will eventually become second nature to you.

You won’t have to steer your mind to thoughts of positive things because it will already be there. Remember positive thoughts breed positive actions and reactions.

3 Steps

There are three steps that are the foundations for the Law of Attraction and whether we realized it or not, the Law is always working.

Knowing what you want isn’t as easy as it sounds. Aside from the basic physical needs, your mind is filled with wants, desires, and fears. Both consciously and unconsciously.

Focusing on negative things will cause negative things to become reality. For example: If your mind is filled with anger, hate, dissatisfaction then you will find yourself surrounded by those things.

Learning to focus your thoughts on positive things such as love, happiness, and contentment will have the desired results and your life will be filled with positive things.

You need to know why you want the things you want. Have you ever thought that maybe what you really want, isn’t what you’re asking for? Conscious thoughts produce the same amount of energy as the unconscious ones and if they’re contrary to one another then you defeating yourself.

Believe that what you desire is already yours.

  • Visualize you already achieving your desire. (This is “positive thinking” step)
  • Focus on having it creates positive energy. (The completion of your desire is a result of this positive energy.)
  • Receiving (This is the step where people tend to lose it. This step is the completion of your desire. Allow yourself to acknowledge your right to have your wishes fulfilled. Accepting for many is the hardest part. If you consciously or unconsciously feel you don’t deserve what you’re asking then you won’t get it. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of having your desires come true, they never will.)

Getting Started

By now you should have put together that negative thoughts produce as much energy if not more than positive thoughts.

As stated above thinking about your fears and saying “I Don’t Want” is probably going to result in your fears being realized. Cosmic energy is literal; it produces results based on energy. It doesn’t understand “I Don’t Want”. So if you’re producing more negative energy than positive, your results are going to be negative.

That’s why its important to train your mind to concentrate on positive energy instead of the negative, but it is often to so because people are worriers.

Its a survival mechanism designed to help us remember and avoid the dangers of life, but being aware our fears and letting it control our thoughts are two different things. That’s why turning negative fears into positive thoughts is key.

Your thoughts are yours. They can be your faithful servants or your masters. Whichever you allow them to be. Remember This: You Have the Control, You Make Your Choices, and You Determine Which Course Your Thoughts Take.

Learning to control your thoughts can be done by learning to control your will. You have to learn how to master yourself. Phrases like “I am the master of myself” can lead you in the right direction.

Repeating these or similar phrases and believing them will make them real. When confronted with fears and doubts, remembering to “master” your thoughts keeps the positive energy flowing. Leaving no room for the negative energy to manifest.

People have direct control over reality and their lives through thought alone. The trick is to be proactive.