Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Beginners

SEO Techniques for Beginners

As a beginner you may not be familiar with the process and tools of search engine optimization (SEO), but once you become familiar with everything you will find that everything is relatively easy to understand, provided that you have the right background and know your customer, products, and services really well. Your program can benefit in more ways than one through the increased visibility and enhanced search rankings.

Boosting Page Ranking

The title is one of the most important parts of your website. This is the name which will be located either at the top of the window of the web browser or title bar. The title should be brief and short, but descriptive. It should contain targeted keywords highly related to your web site. Search engines present the title in the search engine results; therefore, the title should describe the site’s content so that users will be interested in viewing your site on a consistent basis.

Keyword Use

Keywords are also important when using SEO; however, don’t overdo keywords. You can rank high when using keywords wisely, but your site can lose credibility if you over-stuff it with keywords. Using and adding keywords, like ALT-tags, in other areas of anchors can be beneficial, it usually help boost keywords. Using these should be relevant to the image or place where plan to link.

A lot of people try to stuff keywords in a lot of different areas of their site or article. As a precaution, try optimizing a single page with no more than 3-5 keywords or key phrases and safely use secondary keywords or terms by using keyword generating tools online. Tertiary keywords can also be used which are related or similar, but not the same as the main terms. Using alternative keywords is beneficial because it help drive visitors from different parts of the country or areas and use different related terms.

Understanding Meta Tags

Meta-tags have two parts, the description and keywords. As stated above the description should be short, brief, and both descriptive and logical to your readers. The meta-tag is usually the text found under the title during the search. In so many words “it’s the minor overview of the page” so you should include content that will help them understand what they will be viewing upon clicking on your site. Your keywords should be the same ones you used while running SEO research and should be used in the page text.

Using Links

When other sites create web links linking back to your site the search engine spider will easily locate your site. These links will be counted as a vote of support. Remember that the more quality you provide the higher you rank in search engines. If you choose to, submit your link to popular directories, use more links in your signature upon joining online discussion boards and forums.

It is always  good to provide informative and new content on your webpage to keep visitors interested and coming back to your site. As time on go on this will also get other interested individuals to your web site.

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