SEO And 301 Redirect

SEO And 301 Redirect: How They Work Together

The worst thing that may occur on your site is to have an internet user try to find your website and encounter a “a page not found” or a “404” error display simply due to the fact you changed your oldURL’s SERP function for a brand new one, and you forgot to provide a new way for your website site visitors to get redirected for your new URL.

This could be a disastrous situation for your business and can have a terrible impact on potentialclients. always keep in mind that it is easy for them to go to some other, more accessible and less complicated to locate internet site. To prevent this from happening provide them with a 301 redirect that will lead them to your new URL even if they are attempting to assess your old URL found on search engines.

What is a 301 Redirect?

Before moving along, you need to first understand what a 301 redirect is in order for you to get a betteridea as to what steps you need to take for the entire process.

A 301 redirect is the most efficient and most effective suitable approach of redirecting URLs or webpages from a search engine perspective. using other kinds of redirecting can get you in trouble with most search engines, so if you want to be able to keep your search engine rankings, make sure to applythis form of redirect to your site.

When do you need to use a 301 Redirect?

When making the decision to change your old URL’s SERP position to a new one where you may want to move pages around or change the names of your files while keeping your website’s page ranking in search engines, then this is when you should use the 301 redirect because it offers you exactly that. The use of the 301 redirect lets search engines know that all links currently on the webwill now belong to a brand new web page.

this is a fantastic tool to use to consolidate websites and avoid duplication. this is most useful if you have affiliate websites’ id’s linked to your home pages unique URL since you’ll be able to let the search engine crawlers know that these affiliate web sites are in reality the same page. you willbenefit your web sites search engine page rankings since you get credited for the affiliated links on your site, while preventing the search engine robots from indexing them, developing duplicatecontents in its database.

it is also useful when acquiring a competing website, you do not need to run separate sites. by usingthe 301 redirect you get all the traffic going to the alternative site redirected to your website instead.

What is the difference of a 301 redirect with other similar programs?

You can achieve the same kind of redirecting process using different comparable programs, such as 302 or JavaScript redirect, or a meta refresh. These programs will be able to redirect traffic to your web site just like a 301 redirect, but 301 redirect is the only program that tell search engines that the other sites belong to you already, therefore avoiding any troubles which could arise later on, such as getting flagged down as having duplicate content.

How do you use 301 redirect

There are plenty of ways you can use the 301 redirect, it all depends on what it is exactly you need to redirect and to where. Redirecting your old URL to a new one is the most common. To do this all you will need to do is go to the control panel of your web host’s page, and select the “redirect” option there. Fill in the blanks with the necessary information and select the “permanent” redirect option to activate the 301 redirect.

If you want to redirect an addition domain using 301 redirect requires that you set it up with your web host as an add-on domain by registering that additional domain under your domain registrar and changing the domain name servers (DNS) to that of your web host, after which you simple need to select on the “add on domains” option under your web host’s control panel.

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