Wealthy Affiliate 2018 Review


Website: http://wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

Price: Premium Membership, $49/month or $359/year (Join Here)

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank: 97/100

Who Is It For: Newbie – Expert

Why Does It Make Sense To Join Wealthy Affiliate???

If you are reading this review, then chances are you are interested in a couple of things: you are wanting to know how to create a successful business online and are wanting to know how can you do it? Sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and you will learn how to do this and much more regardless of your level experience, your technical knowledge, or background. If you can boil eggs, then you can build a business within Wealthy Affiliate as I and many others are doing.

Listed below is some Pro’s and Con’s to Wealthy Affiliate:


  • Getting Started Training
  • Video, Tutorial, and Classroom Trainings
  • The Bootcamp Courses
  • The 700k+ Members Who Will Help You With Whatever You Need
  • Over 20+ Interactive Classrooms
  • 24 Hours Live & Interactive Help 
  • 2 Free Websites
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  • A Strict Spam Free Environment
  • Completely FREE to Get Started!!! (No Catch)


  • It can get a little overwhelming cause of all the training modules.

Not only do you get access to all of this, but you get to do so at NO COST!!! There is no other program in the industry that does this and theirs a good reason for this…YOU WILL LOVE WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t per say a product its more of a service and community. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and is more like family versus a group setting. So if you are a person who likes to spam, then you will not be welcome within the community, and will get kicked out; however, if you are looking to earn money online, network with like-minded entrepreneurs, help others while getting help, and learn a ton from the 1,000s of experts within WA, then this will be your new home.

Something you will find intersting at Wealthy Affiliate is that both the owners Kyle and Carson are very active with the community…on a daily basis, and you will see them inside the community often even in the wee hours of the night/morning helping people get their campaigns running, websites operating, and getting their businesses rolling in the right direction.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For???

Wealthy Affiliate caters to all levels of marketers and entrepreneurs, from newbies to people who are already running a successful business and want to scale it to a whole new level. Once you become a member you will have access to the member’s area who are already actively immersed in the community and are there to assist you in whatever help you may need.

So to put it in one word, Wealthy Affiliate is for EVERYONE!!! At all levels of expertise, any age, any country. It even works on iPads and on mobile devices. Basically where ever you have Internet access, you can be building your business, getting training, or getting help with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools

The training in Wealthy Affiliate is very comprehensive, organized, and current. There is training at all levels of expertise, including expert marketer. The training is offered in different formats:

  • Weekly Training Classes
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Oragainzed Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training
  • Task Based Courses

If it seems like it’s a lot, it’s because it is. There are over a THOUSAND of powerful training modules within Wealthy Affiliate, essentially each Classroom reveals an entire different online business model that could be used to generate a full time income online.

And that is just some of the perks to being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You also get access to ALL of the tools you need to run a successful business online…

The Tools & Services withing Wealthy Affileate offer you a robust “tool belt” to accomplish all of your research, writing, and website building/hosting applications for your business. Included in the members’ area is:

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool (JAAXY)
  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to over 2,400 Website Templates/Themes
  • Ability to Add over 30,000 Different “features” to your website
  • And So Much More!!!

Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will not have to worry about tools or services needed to run your business. EVERYTHING is included the moment you sign up and become a member, it is the only “all inclusive” online business platform out there.


Have you ever needed help with something and ended up going on Google to serch for whatever it was you needed help with just to get frustrated? TRUST…I know the feeling all to well. When it comes to making money onling and traying to create a successful business, it is nice to know that you can get help when you need it, and may I add in a timely fashion.

That is what you get at Wealthy Affiliate with the live, 24/7 community ad support system. There is a lot of different types of support offered at Wealthy Affiliate…

  • Live 24/7/365 Chat
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Question & Answer periods
  • Private 1-on-1 with Me, Kyle, or Carson
  • Private Access to Community Experts

You will never be alone and will never feel like you are in the “dark” like you are with a lot of different services out there.

Some people find it hard to believe that there is a community with its owners that will take the time to help people out. This is a reality within Wealthy Affiliate, WE HELP PEOPLE. Wealthy Affiliate have a lot of things to share and a lot of insights that will help speed up your path to success.

What Kind of Work Will You Be Doing??? 

There are a lot of things that you can do to earn revenue online, matter fact, there are 100’s of different ways to earn money online and it is all taught within Wealth Affiliate. Let me simplify for you:

When you join, you are given two options. The option to follow your passion, meaning maybe you like photography or interior decorating, you can choose this as your direction. This will be where you will start at and the training course will show you how you can turn your passion and turn it into a full time online business.

If that option doesn’t fit you and you have know passion or a niche, and you would like Wealthy Affiliate to choose one for you, then that’s OK too. Wealthy Affiliate provides an affiliate boot camp with a “predefined” topic that you will be building a business from. This training is a complete walk through, starting from the bottom and taking you all the way to the top and there is no experience necessary.

So basically, you will learn how to take your passion and create a full blown business online. Utilizing affiliate programs, ads, blogs, etc. for more of a in depth explanations go to “how making money online works” post.

The Price

There are two memberships offered at Wealthy Affiliate:

Starter Membership: FREE!!! (Join Here)

Premium Membership: $49/month or $359/yr (Join Here)

FREE seems too good to be true, but that statement would be completely wrong…let me explain why…When you join Starter, you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community. This will include access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to our keyword tool, and so much more.

When you think about their isn’t another paid product in the industry that can compete with Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter membership, other than…(I’ll Wait)

Wealthy Affiliate Premium…When you sign up as a Premium Member it means you are ready and is serious about running a full blown online business. Wealthy Affiliate was created to remove all of the other”stuff” you need not to worry about during your day to day activities. The annoying hosting fees, keyword tool fees, website builder fees; paying for hired help, searching the net tirelessly for answers to quesitons, and getting to the RIGHT training…all those concerns…VANISHED once you join Wealthy Affiliate Premium.

If I must say so myself, “To be honest once you have Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you will never buy another guru book, internet scam, or expensinve online success course again.” EVERYTHING you need is in Wealthy Affiliate, including 1-on-1 expert help from real living, breathing, and proven experts.

You will never get scammed again online if you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

My Opinion + Special Bonus!!!

Join the starter its FREE!!! what do you have to lose? Upon joining, I will make sure to get in touch with you within the first hour. All I want is one promise if you do join and that is…you will set up your account. It is that simple and will be cake walk once you’re inside Wealthy Affiliate.


How to Claim Your Bonus…

When you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus. If you do decide to a become a PREMIUM member within the first 7 days (including a 59% discount). When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate I will personally contact you on your profile with a “Hello” with more information about WA and how to get help from me. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on all this AWESOME Training!!!

You will never know what you’ve been missing out on until you step foot inside Wealty Affiliate.

Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Sales Page URL: http://wealthyaffilliate.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

My Overall Ranking: 97/100

Read Real Live Testimonials: Testimonials


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