What Is Affiliate Marketing…For Newbies

New to Affiliate Marketing???

Affiliate marketing is one the of the fastest growing home business opportunities around and with a little basic training, you can easily set up an affiliate business and get started within a couple of weeks.

In case you are wondering…Selling through an affiliate program is a great way to sell on the Internet without getting knee-deep in product. All you are doing is selling someone else’s products and/or services and getting paid for it.

How It Works…You market the product or service online through websites, emails, forums, blogs and paid advertising. The company then is responsible for the product; they process the payments, ship the merchandise, and handle all complaints. All you do is provide the marketing and get paid the commission.

For example lets say you own a website giving people information about Weight Loss. You could place a link to products related to Weight Loss, juicing, wraps, weight loss recipes, etc. on your website and when your visitors click on your links they will go to the website you are promoting. If they buy, you will be paid a commission. All for providing information on your website.

You can find affiliate programs just about everywhere. A good way to find programs you’d like to join is by doing a Google search on your chosen topic (niche), ClickBank, Commission Junction (CJ), ShareASell, Affiliate Window, etc. just to name a few there are other networks you can look as well.

Next time you’re online shopping check for the words affiliate or partners while viewing the web site. You will see that there are almost no merchants online today who don’t have some sort of affiliate program. If you’re going to have a website or blog, you should definitely look into affiliate marketing.

When you register for your chosen affiliate program you will receive your own personal ID number. You will then place your link to the website you’re promoting on and then will use a link address which includes your unique ID; and VIOLA! Anyone who makes a purchase via your personal link make commissions for you. These commissions are paid based on the pay schedule of that particular program.

There are a number of products which show you the ins and outs of starting your affiliate business. I find Wealthy Affiliate to be the most resourceful they teach you everything from how to find your niche, to building out your website, to content writing, to promoting your website and getting real live traffic to both your blog and website. And its FREE!!! to sign up and look around the different courses…Click Here If You Would Like More Information On Wealthy Affiliate!!! Please feel free to like, share, and comment if you feel information was informative.


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