What is Black Hat SEO???

What is Black Hat SEO?

SEO is categorized into two categories: Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. White Hat SEO are considered to be the good guys, while Black Hat SEO isn’t. Black hatters are known for grabbing temporary opportunities that in the end will be discovered and disapproved by search engines and halted immediately. There are a number of people who still use Black Hat SEO for a number of reasons. Below you will find out if you should stay with the good side or take some risks as a black hatter.

Describing the Black Hat

Black Hat SEO is using techniques that will lead to higher search engine rankings. It’s the “How” it isexecuted that is deemed to be unethical and unacceptable through search engines. search enginesdespised Black Hat seo strategies. Once discovered, the website and/or page might be penalized or will go through visibility troubles, therefore rendering it useless for advertising and/or marketing purposes.

The Black Hatter

Black Hat SEO techniques have a number of characteristics, the first includes the breakage of search engine rules, stipulations, and regulations. Because of, the unapproved means that are incorporated Black Hat techniques provide a poor user experience. Black hatters also provide content that is unethical, both visually and non-visually to search engine visitors and search engine spiders.

Once upon a time Black Hatters were legitimate, but then later became labeled as the bad guys after a number of web-designers abused the techniques and incorporated a lot of items that only led to irrelevant and useless searches. It got so bad that online visitors couldn’t successfully conduct researches because of the misleading presentation by black hatters. Short terms gain are still achieved by black hatters in search engine rankings, but if you want to develop long term credibility and a solid reputation, then it is recommended you follow the guidelines.

Some Black Hat Techniques

Black Hat techniques should be avoided by web-designers or they risk getting penalize. Over-stuffing your site/page with keywords is the most common black hat approach. Keywords can boost your search engine ranking temporarily and lead a number of people to your site who just so happen type in the main keywords; however, the user will leave if nothing on the page/site is pertaining to the keyword they searched.

Invisible text is another method that should be avoided. This is when a web-designer places a list of keywords in white text against a white background to get the attention of search engine spiders. Search engine crawlers nowadays are much smarter and it takes your visitors away from your page.

Doorway pages are fake pages users never get to see. This approach is meant to draw more search engine spiders, but visitors do not see anything useful or relevant once they visit the page.

The Temporary Effects

Though tempting you have to understand that the effects of Black Hat SEO is temporary. Your site can rank very high some time, but then immediately get banned. You can lose your credibility by choosing these types of techniques. Research and talk to other online marketers about White Hat techniques that offer long term benefits. With some patience and dedication to stay on top of the ranking your site can become a solid face in the industry.

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